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Woman drying her hair with the Dyson supersonic hair dryer

Pioneering Dyson technology

All the technology that goes into the Dyson Corrale™ straightener is there for a reason – high-quality performance. With an energy-dense battery for cordless straightening, it's engineered for optimal balance in the hand.
Exploded view shows the circuit board inside the ear cup.
Exploded view shows the circuit board inside the ear cup.
Engineered for ultra-low distortion Intelligent signal processing combined with active noise cancellation reduces distortion – ensuring realistic, detailed audio.
Exploded view shows the noise-cancelling microphones.
Exploded view shows the noise-cancelling microphones.
Advanced noise cancelling Eight active noise cancelling microphones monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times a second, cancelling background noise. With two additional microphones for telephony and transparency systems.
Exploded view shows a representation of different frequency ranges inside the headphones.
Exploded view shows a representation of different frequency ranges inside the headphones.
Full audio spectrum The 40mm, 16-ohm, neodymium speaker driver delivers absolute clarity in bass, mids and highs, so you can hear every single detail at any level.

Take control with plates that flex

Our flexing plates [collect] hair as you style, applying tension more evenly and giving you more control with every pass – so you can create the same styles, at lower temperatures.

Protect your hair

Turning down the heat on conventional solid plate straighteners might reduce damage, but it also affects styling. By [collecting] hair strands as you style, our flexing plates achieve the looks you want with fewer passes, meaning less heat is used – and 50% less breakage is caused.¹ You'll see reduced frizz and fewer flyaways, too.²

Curl, wave and straighten

Do more with your straightener. Create smooth and sleek styles or use the rounded design of the machine body to support curls and waves – and do it all cord-free. Watch our styling guides below for hints and tips on how to make the most of your machine.
Dame mit spiralförmigen Locken
Valódi hullámok Készítsen dús, göndör, szabadon omló hullámokat.
Gros plan de face du Styler Dyson Airwrap™ enroulant une mèche de cheveux.
C fürtök Készítsen egyenes hajat enyhe visszahajlással a hajvégeknél.

Engineered to style on the go

The Dyson Corrale™ straightener delivers up to 30 minutes of cordless styling3 with the thermal performance of a corded straightener – meaning you can create your styles, whenever and wherever you are. Its innovative flight-ready tag and universal voltage make it the ideal travel companion.

"The Dyson Corrale™ gives me the freedom to be creative and more in control from the flexing plates with less heat – I absolutely love it."

Larry King
Celebrity hair stylist, UK
1Képelemzés vs. kezeletlen haj.
2A pontos használati idő függ az Ön hajától és a formázási szokásaitól.
3A Japánban érvényes előírások szerint egyik japán reptér sem engedélyezi a hajvasaló behozatalát vagy kivitelét.